Top 7 Tips To Take Care Of Your Jewelry

Top 7 Tips To Take Care Of Your Jewelry

There is no denying that jewelry is our most treasured accessory. But, did you ever had an instance where your jewelry started looking worn out and almost cheap?

Perhaps you missed some telltale sign of negligence.If you have gone through such an ordeal, then you are reading the right article. Here, Hivory lets you in 7 tricks and tips on how you can keep your jewelry safe and sound for the next generation to come.

1. Put it on last, remove it first

Whether you are getting ready for a chill day at home or a night out, Jewelry should always be the final touch to keep you shining. We understand how tempting it is to put on your finest jewel, however, it is better to wait until you are ready to put on your jewelry. No matter what type of jewel you wish to flaunt, the chemicals from lotion, hairspray, makeup, and perfume can impair the pieces.

Also, whether you’re wearing an earring or a stunning necklace, or an elegant bracelet, it is wise to take all your jewelry off before you start changing. If followed, this simple step can change the world by keeping your collection looking new and blingy.

Gold Women Jewelry

2. Be careful with light and heat

Sunlight and heat are considered the nemesis of the jewelry. Just as excessive sunlight is harmful to our body, so it is for your jewels. Keeping your jewels under excessive sunlight can damage some gemstones such as amethyst, topaz, and kunzite. People have also recorded jewelry being faded or darkened due to the fact that it was exposed in the sunlight or excessive heat.

Women wearing bracelet

3. Safely store your jewelry

Jewelry and pearls are meant to be cared for dearly. Storing jewels properly is often overlooked which results in scratching, fading, and damaging the lavish gemstones. Different jewels need to be stored separately. You do not want your jewelry pieces to be scratched, tarnished, or tangled together. Storing the jewels in Jewelry Organizers with compartments in a separate box is an ideal way to both flaunt and store your precious accessories.

Jewelry Organizer

4. Know your Jewelry

Caring for your jewelry starts with understanding your jewels and pearls. Different materials require different care. Understanding what your jewels are made of is the first thing you need to know before jumping into cleaning and even storing it. For example, silver jewels must be stored in an anti-tarnish bag. While some type of jewelry gets damaged when submerged in water, silver shines even brighter with mild polishes.

You can find the metal content on the back or inside of your jewelry piece. Examine your jewelry, that way you will know how to take care of each of your items.

Diamond earrings

5. Keep it dry

Although it sounds such a small thing to do, keeping your jewelry dry can protect your jewelry to fade or darken with the moisture and chemicals you used to clean it. Even the smallest amount of moisture can damage your beautiful piece. We recommend drying your jewels with chamois and storing it in a jewelry box or jewelry organizers. You can even wait for an hour or more to tug in your jewelry safely after cleaning it.

Cleaning Jewelry

6. Travel with a Jewelry case

Your jewels are most at risk when you’re traveling. While regular jewelry case is important, travel jewelry boxes are even more essential. When you are traveling around the world for your best friend’s wedding, tossing your precious jewelry in the toiletries or your suitcase can result in great damage. So, make sure to choose the best high-quality travel jewelry boxes for your travel diaries.


7. Put your Jewelry with a rotation

No matter how much money you spend on your jewels, they are not meant to be worn every day. Wearing a magnificent piece of jewelry that makes you look stunning does seem tempting, however, every jewel when worn every single day starts to fade and look old. Hivory recommends showing love to all your jewelry pieces and wearing them with a rotation.

Wearing a Jewelry


A word from Hivory!

Jewelry is not just a fashion statement. It is an intimate accessory that tugs in your precious memories and stories. Caring for your jewelry is a critical part of maintaining its value and stunning beauty. Jewelry cases and boxes are the ideal way to care for your jewels, even when you’re traveling.


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