Bracelets & Bangles Organizer Jewelry Box (12 Grids)

Storing, showcasing, transporting, and protecting your jewelry just got a WHOLE new note with this premium quality 12-Grid Jewelry Box of the next generation.

Let’s face it: as a fellow jewelry lover, you feel every single scratch made on your jewelry as if your very skin was scratched.

We are the same.

That’s why we made it our mission to provide you with the highest quality, compact, easy-to-transport, yet impeccable efficient, and amazing jewelry box that will fit all your needs.

This premium quality 12 Grid Jewelry Box will do wonders at organizing, showcasing, and protecting your jewelry.

Order now to yours at special, limited-time discounted rates today!

  • A Safe Storage Space for Your Accessories : Keeping your favorite jewelry safe, sound and warmly tucked away has never been easier. Oh, and did we mention the unique touch of charm your dresser could get with this jewelry box?
  • Easily Showcase & Organize Your Jewelry: The top lid is specifically designed to make jewelry showcasing simple, easy and functional. Organize simply and showcase your favorite jewelry even simpler with this easy-to-organize grid jewelry box with transparent cover.
  • Delivers Unmatched Protection & Safeguarding : This 24 Grid jewelry box does much more than just storing and showcasing your jewelry. It is also impeccably efficient in protecting your jewelry from all harmers, including dust, scratching, abrasion and shine-loss. 
  • Perfect For Transportation : This exceptional 24-Grid Jewelry Box allows you to store and organize your jewelry simply, easily and efficiently while on the go. It is spacious enough to fit all your pieces of Jewelry yet small enough to fit in your travel bag.
  • BEST. GIFT. EVER. : There are a few things you can gift to your jewelry-lover loved one that will make them more excited, happy and joyous than this premium 24-Grid jewelry box. We’re so confident in the quality of our box that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with each purchase.
Put this piece to the test for your jewelry and make sure it’s right for you—if not, you can return it anytime within the first 60 days of purchase. Our personal items, interior organization products, and Minis are all protected by a limited 90 days warranty, which means that if anything breaks in your first 90 days, we’ll fix or replace it. Learn more about our warranty. Keep in mind that while personalized items cannot be returned or exchanged, they are still covered by our warranties. For shipping info, see our FAQ.
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