Who is HIVORY?

We are a  premier provider of stylish yet affordable jewelry boxes in America. We pride ourselves in supplying quality product lines ranging from jewelry boxes to travel organizers in a full range of shapes, sizes and styles. Whether it is a jewelry storage item for Home, Travel or a Gift, we offer a variety of styles at moderate price points for all ages and needs.














At HIVORY we strive to offer jewelry storage that will change the way people look at jewelry boxes . Our goal is to be the most loved name in jewelry boxes.















What do we BELIEVE?

Whether you're a man or woman – when it comes to jewelry there's one thing all of us have in common; We love quality. We also love neatness, order and ornate, attractive allure that jewelry brings to our lives.

However, it can only bring it if it's organized perfectly. Orderly, beautifully and with taste – that's how we at HIVORY believe jewelry should be presented to the eyes of its fans.

When it comes to storing your valuable jewelry, whether it's rings, brooches, earrings, cufflinks or anything similar – without a high quality jewelry case box to protect them, our beloved decorations are sure to suffer a lot of damage over the years.

And that is exactly the thing we want to avoid with the help of our premium quality jewelry case that is as aesthetically pleasing to solve your jewelry storage problems and improve the quality of your life; in the most efficient and reliable manner.


What do we do?

We want to help you stay organized and manage everyday jumble so you can feel on top of things and enjoy the experience HIVORY provides. In a world where life is busy, messy and at times complicated, we are thrilled to help untangle  your life and enjoy this experience. HIVORY experience is the personal moment of connection you feel when you receive or give a HIVORY box or just that moment of sheer joy felt by having all your jewelry in its place. 


Our products

Our products are designed to provide your jewelry and accessory items the solution to help you feel organized, smart, and stylish. Our team spends countless hours deliberating details both tiny and massive to bring organization success and happiness to our customers. 

Our Premium Jewelry Box is: