5 Ideas for Jewelry Storage Organization

5 Ideas for Jewelry Storage Organization

Jewelry accessories can help make a bold statement even when you decide to pair it with a soft linen skirt!

Trouble is, just like earphones, necklaces can get tangled up and you can lose your earrings, or worse yet – just one from the set! The last thing you want on a date night is to lose your favorite bracelet, right?

The whole endeavor of organizing your favorite accessories presents itself with tricky parts. It’s not like you have tons of space just for that, and you cannot throw away your precious stuff either.

There are a bunch of products online that can help you show off your collection in a stylish way. Whether you like to have your jewelries stored in neat cups in a bedroom drawer or like them hanging where you can see them, the important thing is to find them when you need them.

It can get too tricky too soon, so in this short article, we explore 5 incredible ways to store and flaunt your gorgeous jewelries.

Do you really need something to store your trinkets?

If you’re anything like me, you might have way too many ornaments.

I’ve got some bracelets that I’ve gotten as gifts but never really enjoyed wearing. And others that I occasionally wear to parties and stuff. A pretty girl’s gotta look nice, you know!

So, since I’ve got many pieces of jewelry, I used to find myself losing stuff that I would find months later when I was cleaning the floor under the fridge. These experiences made me realize that even if I get the cheapest jewelry organizer, I will still be able to find my jewelry when I need them and that’s a great thing.

Not only is it more manageable, it’s also a piece of décor. I like making small aesthetic choices in my home and having a personalized jewelry organizer is certainly one of them.

If your friends are constantly visiting your place, the jewelry organizer can also be a great conversation starter!

Top 5 Ideas For Jewelry Storage, Organization and Display

1. Driftwood Organizer For Holding Bracelets, Necklaces And Ornaments

Driftwood Organizer For Holding Bracelets, Necklaces And Ornaments


The first on the list is a humble driftwood organizer that inspires farm-house vibes. You can get these in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and how you use them is also up to you.

Driftwoods are in trend these days as they look and feel natural, and add texture to your interior walls. If you’re up for the challenge, you can gather some driftwood from a nearby river bank and make your driftwood jewelry holder.

For the low price, the Natural Driftwood Necklace Organizer off of Amazon is also a good idea.

It’s a handmade Indonesian-made product that is very intuitive to use. If you like to keep the theme of your home matching, this jewelry organizer will fit right in with warm colors.

The wall-hanging jewelry organizer has simple driftwood that has a twisted twine rope. The driftwood itself has eight round eye screws that are there so you can hang your accessories on it.

It’s real simple to use as well- you just hang the twine rope to your wall, and your accessories on the round eye screws. It’s pretty sturdy and your fashion accessories won’t fall off easily.

The beauty of the driftwood jewelry organizer is that while it does look elegant, it’s also super easy to make DIY.

2. Wooden Organizer To The Rescue

Wooden Organizer To The Rescue

You may’ve seen fancy jewelry organizers on YouTube videos or Insta posts and wondered how much they cost. Thankfully, they are inexpensive!

The Keebofly Organizer is a great set of wooden racks that hold jewelry as well as any accessories you may like to flaunt. It can be mounted on the wall and comes with two wooden jewelry racks.

The bracelet rack has 37 holes which is adequate for pretty much any girl unless you have a rather large collection. Even if you do, you can always hang many in place of one.

There’s also a beautiful necklace rack. I really like that this wooden rack has lots of space; it just means that I have more creative room.

I do like traditional jewelry boxes but find that wall mounted is the modern aesthetic. The thing I really like about this is that it has a rustic wood vibe going on and the shelf can be used for both storing as well as showing off your jewelries.

The best part? It’s super easy to install and anything you may need to mount the wooden organizer already comes with the package.

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3. Classy Jewelry Box With Concealed Compartments

Classy Jewelry Box With Concealed Compartments

There are many jewelry boxes on sale today but sadly most of them are either too spacious or too ugly. Still think the classic jewelry box needs to make a come-back?

Every girl is familiar with the traditional jewelry box that their moms used to store precious accessories. A plain box is a staple of many wardrobes, and if you’d like one with a modern twist, the Umbra Stowit Jewelry box is the ideal one for you as it’s not only well-built and versatile but also very affordable.

The Umbra Stowit jewelry organizer has drawers in a variety of sizes as well as concealed spaces so you can hide your accessories easily. If you like keeping you scarves and watches separate from bracelets and earrings, there’s a lot of options for you.

The Stowit organizer is a classy modern take on convenient drawers and matches functionality with elegant aesthetics. It’s also got a pretty big display surface and the hidden compartment feature is a great one too.

The jewelry box is also lined by soft linen and even has rubber feet for stability.

4. Got a small space? Try a hanging organizer by Misslo

Try a hanging organizer by Misslo

Sucker for hanging organizers?

The Misslo hanging jewelry organizer is perfect for you to hang your accessories with 18 loops. There are also clear compartments, 32 of them to be precise- that do a great job of keeping your bracelets, rings, earrings, watches or any accessories safe.

I really like that it also comes in black in addition to pink, so you can go for the refined black finish if you’d like.

It’s super easy to setup and since it’s two-sided, you can use it both ways.

If you’re looking for a portable organizer and concerned about saving space while adding an elegant touch to the interior, this jewelry organizer by Misslo will do great.

5. Ellis James Designs Quilted Travel Jewelry Organizer

Travel Jewelry Organizer

You may have found yourself in situations when you wished you had a portable jewelry organizer box to keep your earrings, necklaces and stuff. It would be great if there was a tiny box just for that, right?

The Quilted travel jewelry organizer is a cool portable jewelry organizer ideal for you if you are looking for a small organizer that can hold your valuables without taking up lots of space.

As the name implies, the travel jewelry box has quilted fabric on the outside. This acts as a cushion for your precious accessories.

On the interior, there is an earring pad that you can remove if you’d like some space, a spacious pouch with two smaller zipped pouches. You can use the pockets for keeping your valuables but there are also snap-in straps if you’d like to use them.


Whether you prefer to show off your beautiful wear by hanging or want them hidden in neat drawers, you cannot deny that having an organized way to store your accessories can help you keep them safe and save time later while trying to find them.

Not only does having a jewelry organizer make it easier for you to find your beloved earrings, it also adds a personal touch of sophistication to your living space. If you’ve got plenty of time on your hands, by all means, you should try your hands at a DIY organizer but if you’d like a readymade one without the hassle, any from the list would be great!

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