Top Jewelry Boxes by Hivory

Top Jewelry Boxes by Hivory

A jewelry box seems to be a great item for keeping your jewelry items in a systematic and secure way. Who doesn’t like to maintain their jewelry in such a way that one can find it easily without tangled while going for a different occasions like party and weddings.

Jewelry storage boxes ensure that your jewelry are no longer homeless so you can easily store them in a portable size and carry them anywhere anytime. So here are the top jewelry boxes by Hivory for storing accessories :

1. Hivory Single T-bar Bracelet Holder

T-bar Bracelet Holder

For jewelry bracelets, watches, bangles the T bar holder is made up of velvet and is rectangular in shape with inner material made up of wood. It is of 13.5 cm height and 23cm width T bar.

It is quite stable and can hold many kinds of bracelets. The velvet material prevents scratches and damages to your jewelry. It weights around 0.6lb. T-bar design keeps all the jewelry in sight and easily accessible.

This stand is ideal for crafting professionals and sellers who wish to display their products.

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2. 3 Tiers Bracelet stand

3 Tiers Bracelet stand

This 3 tier bracelets stand is perfect for showing off multiple products at once. It’s soft black velvet padding protects the jewelry from any kind of damage or abrasion. The assembly is also fairly simple and solid components that can be disassembled can be carried out and stored. Three layers of work rods can be hung with 10 to 30 bracelets or necklace per rod.

The large base and wave shaped bracelet stands makes the holder more stable.

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3. Ring Jewelry Box

Ring Jewelry Box

The glass top of this ring storage box secures well and holds ring in place. The slots are big enough for fitting the rings.

The package dimensions is 14.5 * 10.05 * 2.15 inches. This box keep all jewelry safely tucked away, and add some charm to your dresser with this lovely jewelry box.

This jewelry box comes with a snap lock hinge that keeps your jewelry safe and keeps them from falling out and shattering of the box fails. This holder tray protects and secures the jewelry from dust, scratches and abrasion.

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4. Earring Jewelry Box

Earring Jewelry Box

This stylish jewelry box allows you to store and organize your jewelry on the go.  This box comes with a snap lock hinge that protects the jewelry safe and keep them from falling out and shattering measuring 8’’ length * 6” width * 2” depth.

This jewelry box is compact yet roomy enough to fit your trinkets. The soft interior of velvet lining protects your jewelry from scratches, damage and tarnish.

This weight around 13.6 ounce which is fair.

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5. Travel Jewelry Case

Travel Jewelry Case

This small jewelry case keeps your daily wear jewelry organized and can be placed in handbag or luggage for weekends, business trips, overnight stays.

The premium size of this bag is 4” length * 4” wide * 2” height. It is made uo of leather. It has got small customizable compartments. It’s soft velvet lining protects the jewelry from scratches. You can keep your necklace, earrings, rings, bracelets on it safely.

It’s a travel friendly case and so is very handy.

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6. Watch Boxes

Watch Boxes

It is an ideal collection box for men and ladies for keeping their watches safely and securely. It has got 10 insert slots and 10 removable pads inside.

It is made up of black faux leather cover silvery metal closure, soft cushions to organize your watch perfectly and protect them from scratches. The portable size allows you to take the watch display box suring the business trips or outing.

This watch box measures 10” * 7.8” * 3.28’’. Its an ideal way to keep your watches organized, protected and dust free. The outer cases are lined with artificial leather or aluminium and the interior with soft fabric.

The case also has a durable scratch resistance plastic viewing panel and a metal clasp providing a secure closure.

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You sure don’t want to misplace your expensive rings, pins, or earrings. So this is why we have selected some of the top boxes by hivory for storing them effectively. Each of the cases here protects your shiny items from losing their value.

It allows you to efficiently place it anywhere you want, so you can easily find whenever you need.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Is Hivory a good brand to buy?

The brand is recognized as a good quality brand for its products.

  1. How to choose a jewelry box?

Go for the Box design, material of the box, choose wood, choose lock and one that you really like.

  1. Why do you need a jewelry box?

You need a jewelry box to keep your items safe and organized. It also helps you find them when you need one in a hurry

  1. Is the jewelry box bulky?

It can be, but Hivory ones are made handy to let you carry them easily.

  1. Is it good for travelling?

Yes you can easily carry them anywhere.

  1. Is velvet good for jewelry?

Velvet lined gives protection to the jewelry item by avoiding scratches & dust.

  1. Can we gift jewelry box?

Yes you can gift any of the jewelry box to your loved ones.

  1. Who is Hivory?

Hivory is a provider of affordable jewelry boxes.

  1. What is the case made up of ?

The case is made up of leather and the inner linings are made up of velvet.

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